Bettina Freimann

Bettina Freimann is a freelance curator and sinologist living and working in Hamburg. She studied in Leipzig, Tübingen, Beijing (China) and Taibei (Taiwan). As a pilot student of the Master Program Chinese Studies at the University of Hamburg, she explored the typographic work of the contemporary artist Xu Bing. Since 2016 she worked as co-curator of the independent Artspace Âme Nue on numerous exhibitions by local and international artists in including Lu Yang, Electromagnetic Brainology, 2018; Roman Moriceau, Our exquisite replica of “eternity,” 2019; Felipe Lippe, Cartographies de L’inconnu, 2019; Robin Hinsch, SAPAD, 2019; Moshtari Hilal, 2019. As a freelance curator in 2022 she realized the solo exhibition Traces of Fragility by Claudius Schulze as part of the 8th Triennale der Photographie Hamburg 2022, Parisa Azadi’s Ordinary Grief in collaboration with Melike Bilir Gallery and was part of the curatorial team of ClimateArtFest.


Hippocampus Kulturprojekte UG was initiated by Galerie Oel-Früh, which has existed in the immediate vicinity of Hamburg’s Rothenburgsort district since December 2005. Since then, the aim has been to continuously facilitate exhibitions, to promote artists and to keep the independent Hamburg scene alive and networked – beyond the city limits. In order to make this independent scene accessible to a wider audience, the team of Galerie Oel-Früh initiated the HIPPOCAMPUS KUNSTFESTIVAL in 2021 for the first time. Named after the hippocampus: central part of our brain, similar in shape to the seahorse. As a symbol for the interface in human interaction as well as in the development of urban space. As a center for impulses and lifelong learning. The eponymous Haus Seepferdchen, a 70-year-old GDR dacha, has functioned as a mobile exhibition display since 2014 and is regularly used at various locations as the control center of HIPPOCAMPUS KULTURPROJEKTE UG.


CHINA TIME will be held in Hamburg, Germany from 23 – 27 November 2022 with the focus topic of global climate change. The event offers an exchange platform for professional, economic, social and political dialogue with China. This year’s CHINA TIME consists of three event parts: The CHINA TIME SYMPOSIUM “Discussing EU-China climate cooperation” at City Hall, the CHINA TIME CULTURE with many cultural highlights distributed throughout the city, and the CHINA WEEKEND focusing on educational exchange and climate change at the Chinese tea house Yu Garden in Rotherbaum. The CHINA TIME Hamburg series of events is an initiative of the Hamburg Senate, with which the Hanseatic city has been presenting itself as an outstanding location every two years since 2006. CHINA TIME Hamburg will be realized for the first time in 2022 with a new concept: The event is more compact in format and clearly focused on the content. Numerous regional and supra-regional institutions, foundations, initiatives, clubs and associations are participating and contributing to the success of the event. Under the leadership of the Senate Chancellery, partners of this year's CHINA TIME include the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Körber Foundation, the Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Foundation and the GIGA.


Curation: Bettina Freimann
Production: Frank Breker
Assistance: Evelyn Nossol
Production assistance: Javi Acevedo
Design and development: Jannick Choon Wai Teoh


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